Open Registration for NOIA Ambassador Program

We launched the NOIA Ambassador Program roughly one year ago. The program was created to closely involve our community with our executive, marketing, and developer teams.

We ultimately gathered a select group of brilliant people who have been critical to the project’s success. Our Ambassadors have proven the most dedicated and loyal group we have ever seen in this space.

In recent months, our project has received a huge surge of new interest. Now is the time to open the doors once again, allowing our latest fans to join the ranks of NOIA Ambassadors.

What do NOIA Ambassadors contribute?

Our current group is consistently coming up with new and creative ways to add their skills and value. Examples include:

  • Actively participate and help other members in our communication groups and channels. Those who eat code for breakfast also aid with setting up nodes and tech issues.
  • Ambassadors are our eyes and ears. They scan the prevailing sentiment among our community, as well as in other communities, and pass on that information to us so we can improve.
  • Create and manage local communities.
  • Produce subtitles for our videos, translate our announcements, updates, and even live AMAs, sharing these with their local communities.
  • Help us improve by voicing their opinions and sharing their experience. Thanks to NOIA Ambassadors, we’ve received invaluable feedback on exchanges, general crypto trends, and other projects.
  • Introduce us to new contacts. NOIA Ambassadors have been putting us in touch with infrastructure providers, exchanges, PR publications, and other projects.
  • Spread awareness all around social media, often in an engaging visual format. Many Ambassadors are creatives, designing visual infographics, stickers, and videos.

Sounds fun? Just ask our current Ambassadors: it’s a rewarding experience!

As a NOIA Ambassador, you’ll be eligible for:

  • Monthly token rewards.
  • Access to select communication channels to reach the team directly.
  • Personalized videos from our co-founders.
  • Access to educational courses about network technology. Also, tests on materials learned and rewards for the best performers.
  • Access to exclusive competitions.
  • Priority access to public product testings.
  • Exclusive polls on project development.
  • Ambassador badge in our Telegram chatroom.
  • Top Ambassador of the month can have a personal Q&A with a chosen NOIA team member.

Here’s how to become an NOIA Ambassador:

Step 1

Fill out the Google form. Registration is now open, and it will close on the 20th of August, 11:59 PM UTC Time.

Step 2

We will check your submitted forms and contact those who qualify. You will be provided with the NOIA Educational Course, which will include learning materials on our technology, business, tokenomics, and general Crypto knowledge.

Step 3

Pass the NOIA Exam based on the course materials, and write a short essay. The exam will take place on the 27th of August. We will send tasks at 9 AM UTC and participants will have the whole day to complete them. Submissions will close on the same day at 11:59 PM UTC, and the results will be announced on the 28th of August. Those who pass the exam and are selected will become NOIA Ambassadors.

What else should I know?

There are no restrictions to apply to the Ambassadors Program, and everyone is more than welcome to do so.

Being an Ambassador is a dynamic, fun, and fulfilling experience. NOIA Ambassadors are regularly challenged, tested, and rewarded, but most importantly, they are helping us to realize our vision of the Internet of the future.

Questions? Let’s talk on Telegram.