Development Update 07.04–07.18

As usual, here’s the presentation of our latest tech development work that has been done during the last two weeks. Here’s how far we’ve moved:

Work on Software Defined Network (SDN):

- DEMO NET network is now fully prepared. It uses our partner’s AWS and 100TB infrastructure.

- Started testing Microsoft Azure in order to have SRv6 network on it

- Released an open sourced SRv6 tracert (helping) tool:



-Main routes between our partners and cloud Points-of-Presence(PoP) have been tested by using a SRv6 tracert tool. We’ve identified that one of Tier-1 suppliers is blocking packets with Routing Headers for IPv6. There has also been some cases in which Hop Limit 64 was not sufficient.

NOIA Network Software updates:


- Continue working on re-generate path and alternative paths


- Automated deployment of NOIA Agent software on all NOIA Network DEV NET servers.

- Connecting Monitoring model in Agents in order to have data in ElasticSearch as well and show real analytic data in Controller UI.


- Changed BSID and Local SID generator in order to match providers requirements.

- Added Dev net servers to Controller DB in order to have real data for Controller UI development.

Next up:

- Building BSID policies and Local SID re-use logic.

Work on NOIA Cache:

- Working on gathering more statistics from NOIA Cache Nodes in order to understand what kind of hardware Nodes are using.

- Working on SDK Fallback for Video players improvements.

Stay tuned!